Open Aye for Anti-Sectarianism, 2015-2016


Open Aye and Scottish journalist Karin Goodwin were commissioned by WESREC to work with a group of young people living in and around Maryhill from a range of backgrounds, countries of origin, religions and cultures. Over the course of eight photo and journalism workshops, the group worked together to create images and text looking at sectarianism through the lens of their local area.

The group’s common purpose was their strong connection to the Maryhill Corridor, a neighbourhood in the Northwest of Glasgow which has seen a steep rise in people from minority ethnic groups in the past ten years.

The group looked at migration, religion, sectarianism, the industrial past of Maryhill, its historic legacy and community scenes whilst also interviewing and photographing many key community figures. They discovered that sectarianism is continuing to grow in Maryhill and in Glasgow in general.

The participants took photographs to highlight the issue of sectarianism and to encourage discussions around how to tackle prejudice and hate crimes in the area.

The output from this project was a printed book of the groups’ work which challenges notions of sectarianism in Glasgow and wider global prejudice. The book was displayed as part of a travelling exhibition in various venues around Maryhill, as well as being used as a teaching resource by wider networks in Glasgow dealing with sectarianism and hate crime. View a pdf of the book

This project was funded by the West of Scotland Regional Equality Network.

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