Open Aye provides innovative and inclusive participatory photography projects for partner organisations with therapeutic, research and advocacy outputs. Our sessions are designed to positively influence the wellbeing of the individuals, with community engagement and development at the heart.

How it works

We can create participatory photography projects around any issue, need or group but we specialise in working with groups who have Protected Characteristics (as per Equality Act 2010).

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Open Aye. A group of people holding a camera up to their faces whilst standing against a brick wall.

Open Aye for Anti-Sectarianism, 2015-2016


Open Aye and Scottish journalist Karin Goodwin were commissioned by WESREC to work with a group of young people living in and around Maryhill from a range of backgrounds, countries of origin, religions and cultures. Over the course of eight photo and journalism workshops, the group worked together to create images and text looking at sectarianism through the lens of their local area.

Open Aye. a group of people standing in front of the camera taking photographs in a forest.

Open Aye for Flourish House, 2021


Open Aye ran a participatory photography project for Flourish House as part of their responsive art project, aiming to provide an impactful, relaxing and inspiring photography project based around the West End of Glasgow. The sessions were designed to engage participants in creative activity within their local spaces and to foster consideration of what Glasgow means to them.

Open Aye. Photo of a woman taking a photograph of trees in a forest.

Open Aye for Glendale Women’s Café, 2020


Open Aye partnered with the Glendale Women’s Café to run six digital zoom sessions for a series of online participatory photography workshops.

The self-titled “Shining Light Photo Group” Winter Lockdown Photo Project set out to provide a platform for exchange, learning, development and support.

Open Aye. Silhouette of a group of people taking photographs at dusk.

Open Aye for Nature Scotland, 2012-2013


Open Aye created and facilitated 36 participatory photography workshops for Scottish Natural Heritage.

The workshops were designed to inspire diverse and disadvantaged communities to spend more time outdoors and in parks and nature reserves whilst encouraging creativity through photographing Simple Pleasures on their visits.

Open Aye. Photo of three men standing in a field looking onto a cityscape.

Open Aye for No Knives, Better Lives, 2018-2019


Open Aye worked with Youthlink Scotland as part of their No Knives Better Lives project to provide a series of photo advocacy workshops for young people resulting in the creation of an image bank of professional photographs. These images were offered for free to the Scottish media to use when reporting on knife crime.

Open Aye. Photo of a pair of feet and legs lying on the ground in a field full of yellow flowers, grass and bushes.

Open Aye for Recovery Outdoors, 2013


Open Aye ran a health-orientated participatory photography project with people in recovery through COMA’s Serenity Café in Edinburgh and Glasgow Association of Mental Health. The project was designed to highlight the benefits of outdoor, health-based activities in improving wellbeing and quality of life.

Open Aye. Photo of a boy taking a photo with a green digital camera in a natural setting.

Open Aye for Walk the Global Walk, 2021


Open Aye, in conjunction with the University of Glasgow’s Walk the Global Walk Project, ran a participatory photo walk project with secondary schools across Glasgow.  The project aimed to engage young people with Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions, encouraging them to consider how this goal is relevant to their lives through the lens of their local park.



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